We are the agency that stimulates your senses. We create communication from the point of view of emotion, experience, feelings and our senses.

We think of concepts of marketing, communication and events, creating different, deep and effective experiences.



We enable companies to create such projects, with social impact, using its brand and its resources.

We create these projects because we like helping people, give us value as a company and as an individuals.





The impact of using olfactory stimuli is well above of the rest of the senses.

There are many possibilities: scenting events, POS, graphics and scented items, corporative odotypes.


We produce events where we integrate the 5 senses at the service of the brand / target / product.

In this way we get a broadband communication and the brand message reach as never before.


The five senses of a new brand

Performance for the presentation of the new image of their cosmetic line "Repavar".

Objectives: presentation of the new brand and product line that secure them at the forefront of the sector; impact and transmit this corporate advance to the sales team and distributors; conceptualize the images supporting the launching campaign.

Resources used: synchronized catering (textures, ingredients and formats themed), lighting (over 60 spotlights, three towers, and technical controls), live cellist, original audio base created for the event (launch on real time), aromajockey (scetns in syncrhony with the food), more than 8,000 balloons, dancer with synchronized choreography (inside a huge pvc ball with ball of light) created for the event, scenting of other areas (hall and foyer).


Team: 19 people on site.
Client: Repavar, Ferrer Healthcare.



A fully inmersive and interactive experience


How cool will be to walk inside the aorta to perform a surgery!

Our project included a very tech design of the images, 3D and overlap graphics, a massive set up of 10 metres long with a 9 square metres plus all the lighting, scenting and tactile surfaces.

Their technology is already well know by the surgeon community and they want to show in a different way, that’s why we created this gaming, interactive and immersive experience.

Medtronic technology allows surgeons to arrive very close to the heart, through the veins, and deploy a net that will prevent the aorta to close provoking a stroke; this technology is way less invasive and less risky than an open heart surgery.


Team: 15 people to develop / 7 people on site.
Client: Medtronic Europe (Business case).


Making music with your face


Panme is a collaborative music experience for Sonar+D 2014, in which we collaborate, taking care of all the audio process, with Glassworks.

The software includes face tracking and facial expression-detection technology on an ipad. Every user’s head movements and facial expressions allows them 4 users to create music in real time interacting together.

A retro holographic screen depicts the jam session that is being composed. The installation continuously takes pictures of the users so they can see them after in a 3D screen as a slideshow control by a “Leap Motion” sensor.  

La Agencia Sensorial was responsible for all the audio process in the installation: creating, designing and the layout of the content, audio UX, audio space design (hardware).

Aditionally we placed popcorn scent as the users seated on authentic cinema seats.

Team: 12 people.



Visuals and set up all over the city

Because of the celebration of the White Night in Bilbao, we were in charge of the management and technical production and the complete design of installations and mappings, in several locations around town.


     • Deusto’s bridge, whose pillars were converted into two giant fish tanks.

     • Fine Arts Museum facade, with the screening of a video mapping using the most important works in the collection; the handicap of this installation, lay in the fact that it had to be mute, without the support of any audio effect or music to accompany the rhythm of the visuals, even so, the very strength of the pictures shown and our set up we achieve , that the passers by stayed to watch the 3 minute duration.

     • St. Nicholas church facade, turned into a giant rosette window; we decided to use high-powered projectors, because he was going to be projected as fixed image, offering all the quality you get with this type of projection image. In this case, the projection was reinforced with Baroque organ music.

Team: 2 people / on site 9 people.

Client: Bilbao city.



Scented installation at Barcelona Airport to promote
the A3 Cabrio.


To support the media campaign of the car, an installation to show de model was placed at the busy Airport of Barcelona.

We used 4 scent devices integrated in the structure in which the car was placed; having online control (IoT) allowed us to adjust the intensity, once in place, without accesing to the devices.

We managed to scent the huge and impressive entrance hall of the new terminal for 2 months.

Aroma: Mediterranean beach.

Team: 3 people.

Client: Audi / Dicom Events.




The first of its kind


The installation allows the user to interact and control, throughout their mobile devices, with all the elements as video mapping, colouring, audio and also the scents that are projected on the space for the first time.


We gather different technologies to make it possible, such as: dmx control scent machine, mapping, interface design and interactive process, interactivity connection protocol through all the devices involving the process.

Client: Arena Media (Quantum; Havas Group)

Team: 7 people / 4 people on site. 



Mapped talking trees

In the ocassion of Bilbao's White Night 2013 we designed this projection over trees to promote the Durrio Gaugen exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts).

We took care of the art direction, production design, mappings, and set up.

We recorded the actors who embodied the characters. Once in the studio we performed the necessary editing also with audio in Castilian and Basque. 

On location, the trees that were to be used as actors-screen were chosen with a set up including layher towers, projectors and sound.


Team: 2 people / 9 people on site.

Client: Bilbao city.

Captura de pantalla 2015-01-29 a las 14.00.55.png


The scent of a brand 


We are responsible for the scenting of Coolway shops worldwide since 2010.

Over several years we have used different fragrances to convey the freshness and youth of the brand: an explosive mix of kiwi, coconut and vanilla for summer and vanilla with bourbon for winter. 

Over two years ago we developed a special blend of red berries and spices that customers totally love.

As part of the growth of the brand and with the aim of building loyalty, we were comissioned to designed the fragances and produced the bottels; we used a type of rubber, for the cap and the base, that recalls the soles of their shoes.

A fresh and spciy, with a little touch of wood, blend for boys and a sweet, funky and deep finish blend for girls. 

Team: 5 people from the agency and over 15 external.

Client: Coolway, Grupo Yorga.


The Tubbo structure and its many possibilities


An impressive structure by itself that can be customise 100%.

A whole world of solutions to create inmersive spaces conceptualise to your event/needs. Can be place indoor / outdoor.

  • Visual warp on 9m2 screen with retro projection or frontal (also smaller projections available).
  • Contents 2D / 3D / Interactive.
  • Interior / exterior graphics.
  • Customise flooring.
  • Tactile facing.
  • Scenting.
  • Visuals to the interior.
  • Customize themed furniture.
  • Audio integrated.


In partnership with Tubbo.


Set up shown in the video:

Team: 3 people developing / 7 people on site


30 designers 30 scents

Each designer, each style, each collection translated in a different scent that was spread in the majestic "Tinell Hall" (Royal Palace of Barcelona).

We scented over 600 m2 and 12 meters high, using our powerful canyon, with 3 charges of the same aroma, to ensure the rapid aromatisation of the space; also we used a cleaning scent in between designers to avoid the mixing of the scents.

Team: 5 people / 2 people on site.

Client: 080 Barcelona Fashion / Esma Proyectos.



A unique show where the repertoire are emotions

An intense journey where the messages that your senses receive generate the desired emotions in the audience: love, joy, anger, surprise, sadness ...

Performing on stage a string quartet, two electronic musicians, a quartet of voices, a vj and aromajockey.

Visuals are launch and mixed in real time as well as the scents and all the music.


Team: 17 people, 12 on stage.

Client: El Bureau de la Comunicación, Bilbao

* This is an agency project ready to be used; pics were taken on a reduced format show for a client.


The emotion of music throught every sense 


Sencity is a music event for deaf, hard-of-hearing and hearing yougsters. To make music accesible for everyone this is a multi-sensory event where the emotion of the music is transmitted through all the senses.

There’s stimuli through real time scenting, visuals (always with written words), vibratory floor, magnetic inductive loop, sign dancers and many many other elements, and music obviously. With this approach music can be experienced by deaf and hard-oh-hearing yougsters. 

This is a CSR project that travels around the world.


Team: variable.

Client: Skyway.