Visuals and set up all over the city

Because of the celebration of the White Night in Bilbao, we were in charge of the management and technical production and the complete design of installations and mappings, in several locations around town.


     • Deusto’s bridge, whose pillars were converted into two giant fish tanks.

     • Fine Arts Museum facade, with the screening of a video mapping using the most important works in the collection; the handicap of this installation, lay in the fact that it had to be mute, without the support of any audio effect or music to accompany the rhythm of the visuals, even so, the very strength of the pictures shown and our set up we achieve , that the passers by stayed to watch the 3 minute duration.

     • St. Nicholas church facade, turned into a giant rosette window; we decided to use high-powered projectors, because he was going to be projected as fixed image, offering all the quality you get with this type of projection image. In this case, the projection was reinforced with Baroque organ music.

Team: 2 people / on site 9 people.

Client: Bilbao city.