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The five senses of a new brand

Performance for the presentation of the new image of their cosmetic line "Repavar".

Objectives: presentation of the new brand and product line that secure them at the forefront of the sector; impact and transmit this corporate advance to the sales team and distributors; conceptualize the images supporting the launching campaign.

Resources used: synchronized catering (textures, ingredients and formats themed), lighting (over 60 spotlights, three towers, and technical controls), live cellist, original audio base created for the event (launch on real time), aromajockey (scetns in syncrhony with the food), more than 8,000 balloons, dancer with synchronized choreography (inside a huge pvc ball with ball of light) created for the event, scenting of other areas (hall and foyer).


Team: 19 people on site.
Client: Repavar, Ferrer Healthcare.



Making music with your face


Panme is a collaborative music experience for Sonar+D, 2014, in which we collaborate, taking care of all the audio process, with Glassworks.

The software includes face tracking and facial expression-detection technology on an ipad. Every user’s head movements and facial expressions allows them 4 users to create music in real time interacting together.

A retro holographic screen depicts the jam session that is being composed. The installation continuously takes pictures of the users so they can see them after in a 3D screen as a slideshow control by a “Leap Motion” sensor.  

La Agencia Sensorial was responsible for all the audio process in the installation: creating, designing and layout of the content, audio ux for the users and visitors, audio space design (hardware). Aditionally we placed popcorn scent as the users sat on cinema seats.

Team: 12 people.



Visuals and set up all over the city

Because of the celebration of the White Night in Bilbao, we were in charge of the management and technical production, complete design of installations and mappings, in several spaces.


     • Deusto’s bridge, whose pillars were converted into two giant fish tanks.

     • Fine Arts Museum facade, with the screening of a video mapping using the most important works in the collection; the handicap of this installation, lay in the fact that it had to be mute, without the support of any audio effect or music to accompany the rhythm of the visuals, even so, the very strength of the pictures shown and our set up we achieve , that the passers by stayed to watch the 3 minute duration.

     • St. Nicholas church facade, turned into a giant rosette window; we decided to use high-powered projectors, because he was going to be projected as fixed image, offering all the quality you get with this type of projection image. In this case, the projection was reinforced with Baroque organ music.

Team: 2 people / on site 9 people.

Client: Bilbao city.



Scented installation at Barcelona Airport to promote
the A3 Cabrio.


To support the media campaign of the car, an installation to show de model was placed at the busy Airport of Barcelona.

We used 4 scent devices integrated in the structure in which the car was placed; having online control (IoT) allowed us to adjust the intensity, once in place, without accesing to the devices.

We managed to scent the impressive entrance hall of the airport for 2 months.

Aroma: Mediterranean beach.

Team: 3 people.

Client: Audi / Dicom Events.