We are a young and dynamic company but also experieced


Fernando Guada
Project Manager & founder

Trained in Events Production, Image and Photography with a vocation in the music industry, before embarking on this project he has worked in business management, PR, artist management and production for over 15 years, including two years abroad. 

Consider an expert in sensory, emotional and experiential forms of communication, Guada has worked for brands such as Ferrer Healthcare, Ikea, Mini, Fundació Catalana per a l’Sport, along with agencies such as Arena Media, Draft FCB, Ogilvy&Mather, MCI Group.        

A believer in storytelling and creativity as a drive, he affirms that everything is possible if there’s a good idea behind it. His latest obsession is to build communication that can work in both, the digital and the real life.

In his spare time he makes music, co-directs an electronic music/street art festival and drinks wine.

Lucía Gracia
CSR Manager & partner

Trained as a social worker and specialised in sensory deficiencies, Lucia translates our communication concepts into projects designed for collectives with special needs.

She reaches out to groups with sensory difficulties, allowing them to participate in the first-person, using our innovative concepts.

Lucia has strong professional and personal links with social projects directed towards families and people affected by Down syndrome, Asperger’s syndrome, TEA among others.

Edson Zampronha
Audio Director

Distinguished composer with a PHD in music and semiotics. Edson creates compositions which unite audio exploration with the newest technologies and semiotics of the same. 

He has created works for various fields such as orchestra, ballet, sound installations and multimedia events.

The use of semiotics as a tool for composition joins his expression with the agency’s concept, to transform the audio experience into an amplified sensory spectrum.

Marc R. Miró
Creative Technologies and   Technical Director & partner

An authentic all-rounder with in-depth experience and training across different sectors: technical production, sound, architectural and show lighting, video (mapping, edition and graphics) are included in his specialised field, along with room control equipment and video signage.

He has worked for clients such as Peter Greenaway, Danone, BMW, Cutty Sark, Asobal.

Marc combines two qualities, which are uncommon to this type of profile, besides controlling the technical process: creativity and versatility.


Maria Bravo
Creative Director / Designer

Maria tries to keep on the idea that the projects that you believe in, will work great. Trained in Fine Arts, Illustration and Graphic Design and also typography and photography.

As methodology, she take the analysis and investigation from design, and the visual examination and empathy from the photography world. Fan of team projects and networking, she thinks that the contact with other discipline and cultures help us to increase our vision and helps to understand that each project in each place, have very different needs.

 She combines her work with creativity courses, teaching and social action projects, like TanakaLab.

Pablo Mercado
Project Manager (Mexico Office)   

BA in marketing from the CECC, university in which he actually imparts the creativity workshop for the PR students. In 2004 he began his professional career in market research in Telefónica UNEFON.

 Having worked in the marketing department of various companies, he founded in February 2012 Sensori-K, first sensorial marketing agency in Mexico. Mercado has worked for brands such as Nike, ING, Adecco, Landsteiner Laboratories, Palacio de Hierro, Saks Fifth Avenue, Unilever, Nissan.

He also writes weekly articles for Informabtl.com about neuromarketing, experiential marketing, sensory branding and emotional marketing as well as giving workshops and conferences around Mexico and other countries. Pablo is currently marketing consultant in internet radio show on ABC Marketing at idimarketing.com.mx

Enio Sarrias
Creative and Interactive Director      & partner

Enio lives in a constant state of generating ideas, processing his surroundings and converting this inspiration into concept and strategy; a balanced addict of creativity.

He has made film, digital and print for over a decade. Previous agencies include Mori Inc. (Tokyo), TBWA, Grey Atletico, La Fura dels Baus. He has worked for brands such as Seat, Caixa Catalunya, Greenpeace, Samsung, Nissan, Toyota.

As a natural evolution, he has separated from the traditional to look to the future for new possibilities of communication, using interactive experiences and technologies applied for creativity.

Marco Castro
Maker / Woodman

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Mario Pérez
Image Director

Mario works all the process involving image and aesthetics. With a vast experience in the world of image, communication and art, he combines his vision of photography with our concept producing images with high emotional voltage.

His work it's been published in plenty of different publications from convencional newspapers to fashion magazines and sites.

He is also specialised in painting reproduction and photojournalism and furthermore he generates its own artistic projects.