If we perceived the world through our 5 senses, why we don't communicate for them5?

Our senses are the way to gather infirmation of the things surrounding us. They don't stop, they're always working; if you don't decide to send a meesage throught them, still a message they're getting and it's out of your control.


The stimuli that we received generate emotions that we fell. Those emotions are personal, yours.

Our experiences are generated because we had that information and we felt an emotion, sensing and felling: what you're brand decided to tell them.


Our nose is the only sensory receptor that is directly connected to out brain,
to the limbic system where we process our emotions and memory, as well as attention,
motivation, personality and behaviour.

Stimulation throught the smell is a relatively new marketing tool, but with obvious potential. Use scents can be very interesting way to identify a product, brand or company, communication in an advertising campaign and/or to impulse emotional buying decission in stores.

 The application of aromas in the marketing stirs emotions and deepens experiences.

The olfactory marketing is an ingredient of our overall concept of sensorial marketing. And there are many ways to stimulate the nose and brain.

Scenting spaces: POS, events, company office…
We have equipment for all types and sizes of spaces and a huge catalogue of scents.


 Is the sense that keeps us in constant contact with reality.
Interactivity and the power of proactivity.

We understand that touch is an extraordinary tool to receive information.

Through this sense we perceive qualities of objects and the environment, such as pressure, temperature, softness or hardness.
Translation of music into vibration, tactile interaction, temperature and humidity are some factors that we can use.

 We design printed materials with textures (also scented), wide range of materials to cover and generate other surfaces or even placing your product on water.



We create thrilling images that tell stories we all understand. 

Within the visual stimulation we seek an unconventional approach to round the concept; images or the thing you see, static or dynamic, interative or fixed, always with our point of understanding.



We don’t feed, we tell them things through the food.
We revolutionize your catering. 

We analyse the event, the target, the product and customize the ingredients, the tableware, the service operation to get the maximum profit of the food. And they'll like it, of course.

Themed catering: food, service and service elements provide information and reinforce the message.

Synchronized Catering: synchronize the meal with the other senses; reinforcing plates with images, smells and sounds.



You can hear but doesn’t mean you’re listening and processing.

We have multiple ways to stimulate your ear is not only about music.

 Who doesn’t have a song associated to a person, certain time of you life, an add?

Or around your head all day?

>Original audio for events: create and select music to accompany events.

>Corporative audio for web, video, presentations.

>Talent agency with differentiating values.