The five senses of a new brand

Performance for the presentation of the new image of their cosmetic line "Repavar".

Objectives: presentation of the new brand and product line that secure them at the forefront of the sector; impact and transmit this corporate advance to the sales team and distributors; conceptualize the images supporting the launching campaign.

Resources used: synchronized catering (textures, ingredients and formats themed), lighting (over 60 spotlights, three towers, and technical controls), live cellist, original audio base created for the event (launch on real time), aromajockey (scetns in syncrhony with the food), more than 8,000 balloons, dancer with synchronized choreography (inside a huge pvc ball with ball of light) created for the event, scenting of other areas (hall and foyer).


Team: 19 people on site.
Client: Repavar, Ferrer Healthcare.