Making music with your face


Panme is a collaborative music experience for Sonar+D, 2014, in which we collaborate, taking care of all the audio process, with Glassworks.

The software includes face tracking and facial expression-detection technology on an ipad. Every user’s head movements and facial expressions allows them 4 users to create music in real time interacting together.

A retro holographic screen depicts the jam session that is being composed. The installation continuously takes pictures of the users so they can see them after in a 3D screen as a slideshow control by a “Leap Motion” sensor.  

La Agencia Sensorial was responsible for all the audio process in the installation: creating, designing and layout of the content, audio ux for the users and visitors, audio space design (hardware). Aditionally we placed popcorn scent as the users sat on cinema seats.

Team: 12 people.