The scent of a brand 


We are responsible for the scenting of Coolway shops worldwide since 2010.

Over several years we have used different fragrances to convey the freshness and youth of the brand: an explosive mix of kiwi, coconut and vanilla for summer and vanilla with bourbon for winter. 

Over two years ago we developed a special blend of red berries and spices that customers totally love.

As part of the growth of the brand and with the aim of building loyalty, we were comissioned to designed the fragances and produced the bottels; we used a type of rubber, for the cap and the base, that recalls the soles of their shoes.

A fresh and spciy, with a little touch of wood, blend for boys and a sweet, funky and deep finish blend for girls. 

Team: 5 people from the agency and over 15 external.

Client: Coolway, Grupo Yorga.