The 5 senses of a beer

Grimbergen is presenting the new image and packaging


Feel the beer trough the 5 senses.


A series of installations where you can, through interactivity, get a wider taste of the beer and associate it with different moments to consume it.



A 4 x 3 m. led wall displaying an interactive installation.

You can see just some flames on the screen, once you get closer flames rekindle and the phoenix is coming from the flames.

The users can fly the phoenix up and control it’s wings with their arms on a full 3D move.


An interactive hologram displaying a ball of fire, the Grimbergen planet.

A pretty big surface of 1’80 x 1’20 m for interaction that got activated by putting your glass on a holder.

Move it around with your hand while your friends record you from the other side.


smell and hear

4 canvas for 4 moments to have a Grimbergen: at the abbey, paired with chocolate, at the coast by a lighthouse and at a cabin by a fireplace.

Grab the headphones, get your hand close to the play symbol and look at the canvas: you’ll be transported by the sound and the smell of what you’re seeing.


Installations: 5 people for concept, designing, developing and building / 3 people on site

The event took place at Palacio Neptuno

Client: Globally (Newlink Group) / Grimbergen